BBC2 Comedy Short


The BBC‘s Festival of Funny celebrates the best in comedy from past, present and future. And in the inaugural 2021 event, Emma Sidi’s telenovela spoof ‘La Princesa de Woking’ provides a memorable highlight in the comedy shorts showcase. 


An authentic, 1980's Spanish-language telenovela... set in contemporary small-town England. At her mother's untimely funeral, Becky Hello (a typical British millennial as imagined by Mexican writers who have never been to the UK) discovers she has inherited a fortune. But it isn't long before nefarious family members begin to circle, and Becky must keep her wits about her if she is to avoid the same fate as her mother.


Written by and starring - Emma Sidi
Directed by - Big Red Button
Produced by - Biscuit Filmworks

Opening mnemonic and wobby theme music by - Pixelphonics